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Appointment Information

Ease of Scheduling
Research indicates that the average time a social worker, case manager or nurse spends arranging a transportation is nearly 40 minutes per transport. As part of our continuing process to make your experience with TenderCare as seamless as possible, we offer multiple methods to arrange a transport.

Click Here to Request a Ride

On-Line Appointment Request
Simply click on this link to make an appointment for one of our drivers for a pick up. You will receive a follow up phone call to confirm the appointment and be rest assured all is set up. Our system automatically generates and sends a reminder email and/or text the day prior to transport.

Email an Appointment Request
Simply send us an email to notify us when you’ll need a transport. You will receive a follow up phone call to confirm the appointment and be rest assured all needs are met.

By Phone Appointment Request
Nothing beats the old fashioned way of just picking up the phone and calling to speak to one of our courteous dispatchers to secure a transport. If outside our office hours we will be notified and you will receive a return call promptly to schedule your transport.

Pre-Scheduled and Same-Day Services
While many of the transports you arrange are pre-scheduled, several also arise during the course of your day. This is why we accept both pre-scheduled as well as same-day service requests. We understand that your transportation needs aren’t always 24-hour in advance, so we try our best to provide same-day services to meet your needs.

Pick-up and Drop-off Courtesy Calls
We understand that your staff is very busy and sometimes a patient may not be ready for transport or a room may not be ready for a new admit when we arrive. This is why we offer Courtesy Calling as a free service. We’ll call, email or text ahead of the crew’s arrival to notify you of our ETA.

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