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Dignity & Independence

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Welcome To Tendercare Transport

Since 1986 we’ve experienced first-hand the many concerns and anxieties that families incur in caring for elder parents and family members with disabilities. It was through our own frustrations we saw this need in providing reliable transportation - with a caring touch. We recognize the importance for the elderly and disabled to feel that they are in good hands and the people that are taking care of them are genuinely respectful, courteous, polite and caring. And it is equally important for their family members to be assured that their loved ones retain their sense of dignity and independence.

When we went around and interviewed several nursing homes, assisted living and medical facilities prior to start-up, we were quite surprised to learn of the quality of service that they’ve been accustomed. It is our intent to become a refreshing alternative and Richmond’s premier medical transport company.

Our focus is a whole lot more than just providing safe, caring, dependable and on-time transportation. We want to be known for providing the type of service usually not afforded but by that of a family member. Our drivers will accompany patients to appointments, check in at reception and should the doctor be running late will advise the patient, and inform them to call us should their appointment finish earlier than expected so we can have someone there to pick them up as soon as possible. They will not be left for hours waiting for a return ride. And they will not just be dropped at the entrance of their nursing or assisted living home entrance; we will check them back in with the proper wing head nurse and accompany them to their room.

Our management has in excess of 24 years in the transportation industry, specifically fleet maintenance, leasing and procurement. We use the most advanced technology for tracking our drivers, equipment and communications to ensure the safety and reliability of the patients we serve.

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